On my last day on the job as a small-town reporter, I told a colleague/mentor how excited I was to be leaving the newspaper for a college-level teaching position. With a columnist’s brusqueness, she warned me against my choice: “Those who can, do. Those who can’t, teach.” Then, I was stung. Now, I would say, “If you love what you do, you can’t help but want to teach someone else.”

Teaching Writing

I’ve taught Feature Writing and First Year Writing at Emmanuel College, freshman composition courses at Wheelock College, and communications courses at Newbury College, where I designed and piloted a newswriting class. I currently teach communications courses at Boston University.

I’ve tutored extensively through writing centers at Emmanuel College and Boston University’s College of Communication as well as privately, primarily with English language learners. I’ve also tutored Wheelock students in preparation for a schoolwide writing and mechanics proficiency exam.

I also have experience working with teens, mentoring young people in journalism workshops through WriteBoston, and working as a counselor and curriculum writer at the summer writing camp Boston and Beyond. In Chicago, I privately tutored high school students as part of a tutoring agency.

Teaching Storytelling

Through Massmouth, I’ve taught a variety of storytelling classes to adult students and co-led trainings for companies, nonprofits, and educational organizations. I’ve also provided one-on-one story coaching for new tellers appearing on the national television show, Stories from the Stage. Both with Massmouth and with StoriesLive, I’ve had the privilege of teaching storytelling to young people.